Carpet Juice Spill Removal Tips

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Have you spilled a juice on your carpet before? If yes, then you should understand how hard carpet juice spill removal is. But the good news is you can remove the stain by yourself without the help of the professionals. For that to happen, you might want to follow the instructions given below.

Fresh Juice Spill

Do your best to remove the stain from juice spill immediately, especially if it’s still new and wet as it is much easier to clean than dried juice stain.

A shopvac would get the job done, but paper towels would also work well. If shopvac isn’t available, use paper towels to soak up the juice spill from the carpet completely.

These methods work best if the juice spill is still fresh and wet.

Now, once you’re done removing the spill using a shopvac or paper towels, go ahead and pour some cold water on the stain – this helps dilute the juice.

Also, avoid pouring hot water as this won’t remove the stain, but set it to stay instead. While pouring cold water, continuously remove the diluted juice with your paper towels or shopvac.

For the best results, repeat the process until nothing is coming out of the carpet or until the juice stain is completely gone.

Cover the stained area with salt and let it sit there overnight If you notice that the stain is visible and wet. Once the area is dry, use a vacuum to clean up the salt.

The salt helps absorb the remaining color of the juice stain. If the stain is still there after the process, the following steps below may help remove the stain completely.

Stain From a Dried Spill

A dried stain is quite harder to remove. Fortunately, removing a dried stain is still possible, and this depends on the stain and carpet’s condition.

Since the acidity of juice stains ranging between 3 to 4 on the pH scale, an alkaline cleaner is the best way to remove this kind of spill. Vinegar is an excellent example of an alkaline cleaner, and it is often recommended when removing a stain from the juice.

Also, the vinegar may or may not work since similar to juice stains; it is also acidic. But there is still ammonia, which provides higher success.

If you decide to go with ammonia, start by creating the solution by mixing 8 parts of water and 1 part ammonia. Soak a white rag in the ammonia-water solution and use it to blot the stain.

Remember not to rub it, or it will damage the fibers of your carpet. Try not to pour the solution directly into the carpet. Continue blotting the stain while soaking it in the solution until no more stain is getting out.

After applying the ammonia solution and there is still a stain, mix a paste of baking soda (1 part) and water (3 parts), then use the paste to cover the juice stain and gently work it in.

Once dried, proceed and vacuum the dried baking soda and water paste to eliminate the colors that are left behind. Repeat the process until the colors are removed.

Once finished, use a cold water to rinse the area and absorb the water with paper towels or shopvac. To get the most of the cleaning solution out of the carpet, repeat numerous times.

Finally, cover and put a stack of paper towels on the area then place any object that is heavy over it. Let it dry and once dried, vacuum it thoroughly.

What if it didn’t work?

If at this point you notice that there’s still a stain, you may need to call and ask a professional’s help. They will help you remove the colors left behind on your carpet. This will allow you to avoid causing harm than good by applying home remedies.

Take note: Avoid the use of ammonia on wool carpets and oriental rugs. Don’t forget to test the solution in a small area first before applying it directly onto the stain.

Does Steaming Carpets Kill Bacteria & Odor?

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Carpet is one of the areas where bacteria and odor stick. And steaming is a solution. But does steaming kill bacteria & odor?

Importance of Carpet Maintenance

For some people, home design is very important. That’s why they design their homes and add up decorations. After all, designing home can brighten up your mood as well as enhance its beauty.

And one way to make over your little space is by adding up carpets. Carpets contribute a lot to your home’s appearance, style, and health. But just like other decors, carpet also needs some cleaning maintenance.

Carpets are fancy decorations we put in our house to boost and enhance its beauty. However, just like other decorations, it also requires some vacuuming and cleaning. Why? This is to remove unwanted spots, stains, odor, and bacteria-inhibiting it.

Moreover, regular cleaning of carpet can prolong its lifespan which will save you cash from buying a new one.

How to Kill Bacteria & Odor from Carpets?

Carpets can be a receptacle of allergens and bacteria which may bring disease and trigger allergic reactions. And to avoid this, clean your carpet regularly.

One of the best ways to kill bacteria and remove odor is by doing a steam clean. Steam cleaning carpets can kill germs, odor-causing bacteria, and allergens. Here is how you effectively do it.

  • Remove everything in the room – Before you do steam cleaning, move all the furniture including tables and chairs.
  • Dust the baseboards – To prevent extra dust falling on your carpet dust the corners of the room to remove the dust.
  • Vacuum the entire carpet slowly – Vacuum your carpet to remove larger debris such as hair.
  • Use stain remover to remove stains – After vacuuming, use a stain remover to remove stains in your carpet as steamers can’t remove it.
  • Fill the Steam Cleaner with hot water – Fill your steam cleaner with hot water, then add soap as per directed by the instruction. You can use vinegar as an alternative if you do not like using chemicals.
  • Start Steaming – Start steaming by the corner of the room. Walk slowly and remember to push and pull your machine as directed. And after steaming the entire carpet, let it dry completely. Most carpet must be dried for six to eight hours. You can fan it out or turn the AC to help it dry quickly.

Bacteria and allergens inhibiting in your carpet may impose danger on you and your family’s health. Disinfect your carpet regularly by steam cleaning to get rid of mites and various pathogens.

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Crucial Things to Know about the Hidden Dangers of Pet Urine

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Its irritating for  pet us when our pet pee.It gives headache to those who inhale it. But aside from its smell, do you know the hidden dangers of pet urine?

Pet Urine Dangers

Who doesn’t love pets? Sure, there might be someone you know who does, but it can’t overthrow the fact how cute and loveable pets can be! Even the tiniest thing they do can be so adorable that it will simply melt your heart.

However, it is also in their nature to defecate and get rid of the liquid waste from their body – that means there are unavoidable scenes of pooping and peeing.

You may train them to do their thing in their designated litter box.  Yet, don’t expect to have everything in perfect grade especially when they accidentally peed all over your carpet.

Toxic Zoo of Bacteria and Harmful Microorganisms

If you think that pet urine is sterile and simply a gross liquid waste, then you are quite mistaken. In fact, it is a toxic zoo where many bacteria and harmful microorganism lives.

Much like the poop and their fur/hair, you can found lots of bacteria varieties are predominantly lurking and living in their pee.

More than a just Bad Stench

You need to be cautious when it comes to pet urine because it is not just about how it stinks. Aside from being extremely difficult to get rid of the smell once it spreads in your house, it also causes ammonia.

It is necessary to clean it right away because it can crystalize and then emits ammonia. Once you get ammonia-filled environment, severe reactions may occur which put your health at risk. In extreme cases, it may cause breathing problem which eventually leads to sever effects to your respiratory system.

You may also suffer from common symptoms of allergies which include itching, hives, rash, nausea, vomiting, coughing and red itching eyes. As such, high concentrated ammonia may also result to critical diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, trachea and lung irritation.

Health Risk of Breathing Pet Urine

It is a potential offender not just to your efforts of keeping your home fresh, clean and healthy but more importantly a threat for your health. Prolonged exposure to pet urine is a big no.

Ammonia doesn’t just smell nasty but breathing it in is quite risky for people. The odor may also induce effects of dizziness, sore throat and headaches. A significantly high-level of ammonia can irritate your airway, impedes your breathing and may result to even severe health risks.

That is why, neutralizing the pet urine is essential.  Plus if you leave the urine, your pet may be tempted to re-offend, come back and soil the same area again. By cleaning it right away can help in stopping your pet from peeing outside their litter box.

Luckily, there is an easy way that can securely do the trick! If it’s about cleaning pet urine stains and removing the nasty order, then what you need a certified professional cleaner!

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Dog Pee vs Cat Pee: Which is More Harmful?

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Dogs and cats are the most love and closest pet to our heart. But their pee can give serious health risk. So which is more harmful? A cat pee or a dog pee?

A number of different odors may subject your house or apartment into some serious troubles. It may be endangered to cigarette smoke from a cigar smoker, cooking odors, and even musty odors from water intrusions.

However, the type of odor you must be wary the most is from your pet urine.  At some point, we fairly deal such odor but the uncomfortable smell of urine from our canine and feline friends can bring dangers to your health.

Our love for pets can’t be measured, but it can’t hide the fact that there will be instances of cleaning their liquid waste, especially when they tend to be overly mischievous and pee all over your carpet.  But did you know that there is more to cleaning and getting rid of the smell?

Harmful Pee

Like human and animal waste, urine carries a variety of bacteria and harmful microorganism. As such, the lingering odor actually holds more threat than the nuisance of getting rid the urine stain.

By inhaling the lingering smell, you are inhaling ammonia, which when inhaled and excessively exposed to it may cause immediate burning of your throat, irritate your lungs, severe effects on respiratory tract as well as eye and skin irritation.

You’ll be susceptible to other health conditions like allergies, asthma, migraines and other health hazards such as the following:

  • Tracheal burns
  • Bronchiolar edema
  • Alveolar edema
  • Nasopharyngeal cancer
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia
  • Olfactory adaptation
  • Fatigue
  • Respiratory infection
  • May also experience asphyxiation (suffocation)


The difference between a Dog and Cat Pees

If you think that pet urine is all the same dangerous, you are quite mistaken. Dogs and cats might be our lovable furry friends but there is a difference with their urine. Actually feline urine contains more ammonia than canine urine.

Aside from the fact that cat are more territorial than dogs, their urine is much concentrated so a small amount holds a very strong ammonia. You’ll notice that ammonia actually smells which is bad and truly sting your nose. The smell gets stronger when your pet sprays their territory; which then creates distinct and strong ammonia-filled environment.

People might think that the exposure to fur is what causes the allergies but it is not the culprit. Cat urine is comprised of approximately urea in most concentrated form and tends to give off more ammonia.

The strong smell is also indication that your cat is not drinking enough water. That is why it important to make sure your cat regularly drinks fresh and clean water.

On the other hand, dog urine is comprised of a higher percent of water (approximately 95%) and 5% of water-soluble organic ions. Did you know that dog urine may also contact leptospirosis bacteria which can cause harm to your health?

That is why we have to be aware of the need for effective cleaning service not just relying on household disinfectant to clean up the pet urine stain and odor.

What can we do to be protected from its harm?

To conclude, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of your pets. Don’t expect that your pets will always use their litter box just because you have trained them. They might decide not to and pee outside the box just for a certain reason like out of jealously or feeling upset about something.

Plus they have stronger sense of smell, so if there’s a lingering pervasive odor, they may likely soil on the area again. So never leave pet urine unattended for a single minute.

Clean it right away because the sooner you neutralize the scent and stain, the better and safer for you and your family’s health!

The best way to truly remove the threat of pet urine is to hire a professional like us; which by the way is the most reliable and leading name for pet urine stain and odor removal service! Contact us today!

Top 3 Threats of Pet Urine to Your Health

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Having a pet can give you great comfort. But there are instances that it may be harmful. Did you know the threats of pet urine to your health? Unfortunately, pet urine is not just that irritant to smell, but can also give us serious health risk.

Awareness on Pets Urine Threats

Whether it is a cat or a dog, the probability of cleaning a few piddle accidents is high. Even we do really love our pets, there’s a good deal of chance that their urine can raise stress level not just for your floor or carpet but to you as well. Sadly, it doesn’t just ruin the cleanliness of your home. Did you know that it can also cause harm to your health?

Aside from the smell that is quite difficult to rid, you have to be cautious because you might not realized that your lovable pets have already created an ammonia-filled environment.  It is essential to clean pet urine immediately because there are high probabilities of serious negative effects on your health. Below, discover the threats it may bring to you and the whole family.

Threat #1:  Attacks of Ammonia Odor and Bacteria growth.

Since pet urine is a combination of bacteria, ammonia, nitrogen and uric acid, it is especially potent to cause harm to your health. With its’ lingering smell, you’ll notice the strong stench of ammonia which gets even more concentrated once the air is humid.  Plus it is quite bothersome since it promotes the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. As such, it may cause allergies, watery eyes, sinusitis and inflammation of the airways. It also has a great negative effect for people suffering from asthma, COPD or emphysema. Overall, it targets the immune system, weakening it and cause significant health issues.

Threat #2:  Aside from hard-to-remove stains, it also potentially creates dangerous molds.

Most of the germs from the urine and muck you might find at your carpet or flooring will surely give you pain because they are not easy to clean.

Simply using water alone or cleaning with regular soap doesn’t do the job. You might bring in a good effort in cleaning it quickly and thoroughly but is it really enough? Did you know the bigger concern you have to lookout for? It is the potential buildup of dangerous mold!

Time is of the essence when cleaning pet urine because a minute you loss means the deeper the liquid may soak through your carpet and into the padding below.

When urine gets in contact with moisture, it may then result to hazardous mold that may grow underneath your carpet. As such, it targets people with respiratory health symptoms (primarily cause by a variety of mold “penicillium”) and the prolonged exposure may result to long-term lung conditions (as caused by aspergillus mold variety).

Threat #3:  Triggers Allergies.

Pet-related allergies are not caused of hair or fur alone. It can be triggered by droplets of saliva and urine as well. Allergic reaction may be activated due to the high-concentrated toxic of pet urine along with airborne allergens.  So when cleaning, you need to cautious with pee puddles and urine stains.

In final conclusion, when it comes to pet urine it is more than just the idea of cleaning but also securing your families health.  It is imperative to never shun off the responsibility of cleaning after your pet aside from cuddling and giving them so much love.

So as much as possible, do your best not to neglect and immediately clean pet urine to avoid potential health issues. Plus you can also avoid financial expense because you wouldn’t have to worry of getting a new carpet or worse replacing damaged sections of your subfloor.

Want to know the best way to handle pet urine? It is finding the most reliable professional pet urine service and that is us! We can save not just your carpets and floors, but more importantly your energy, time and money. Simply check our strategically designed cleaning packages and your pet urine problems will be solved professionally, thoroughly and hassle-free!

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