Top 3 Threats of Pet Urine to Your Health

Top 3 Threats of Pet Urine to Your Health

Having a pet can give you great comfort. But there are instances that it may be harmful. Did you know the threats of pet urine to your health? Unfortunately, pet urine is not just that irritant to smell, but can also give us serious health risk.

Awareness on Pets Urine Threats

Whether it is a cat or a dog, the probability of cleaning a few piddle accidents is high. Even we do really love our pets, there’s a good deal of chance that their urine can raise stress level not just for your floor or carpet but to you as well. Sadly, it doesn’t just ruin the cleanliness of your home. Did you know that it can also cause harm to your health?

Aside from the smell that is quite difficult to rid, you have to be cautious because you might not realized that your lovable pets have already created an ammonia-filled environment.  It is essential to clean pet urine immediately because there are high probabilities of serious negative effects on your health. Below, discover the threats it may bring to you and the whole family.

Threat #1:  Attacks of Ammonia Odor and Bacteria growth.

Since pet urine is a combination of bacteria, ammonia, nitrogen and uric acid, it is especially potent to cause harm to your health. With its’ lingering smell, you’ll notice the strong stench of ammonia which gets even more concentrated once the air is humid.  Plus it is quite bothersome since it promotes the growth of bacteria and microorganisms. As such, it may cause allergies, watery eyes, sinusitis and inflammation of the airways. It also has a great negative effect for people suffering from asthma, COPD or emphysema. Overall, it targets the immune system, weakening it and cause significant health issues.

Threat #2:  Aside from hard-to-remove stains, it also potentially creates dangerous molds.

Most of the germs from the urine and muck you might find at your carpet or flooring will surely give you pain because they are not easy to clean.

Simply using water alone or cleaning with regular soap doesn’t do the job. You might bring in a good effort in cleaning it quickly and thoroughly but is it really enough? Did you know the bigger concern you have to lookout for? It is the potential buildup of dangerous mold!

Time is of the essence when cleaning pet urine because a minute you loss means the deeper the liquid may soak through your carpet and into the padding below.

When urine gets in contact with moisture, it may then result to hazardous mold that may grow underneath your carpet. As such, it targets people with respiratory health symptoms (primarily cause by a variety of mold “penicillium”) and the prolonged exposure may result to long-term lung conditions (as caused by aspergillus mold variety).

Threat #3:  Triggers Allergies.

Pet-related allergies are not caused of hair or fur alone. It can be triggered by droplets of saliva and urine as well. Allergic reaction may be activated due to the high-concentrated toxic of pet urine along with airborne allergens.  So when cleaning, you need to cautious with pee puddles and urine stains.

In final conclusion, when it comes to pet urine it is more than just the idea of cleaning but also securing your families health.  It is imperative to never shun off the responsibility of cleaning after your pet aside from cuddling and giving them so much love.

So as much as possible, do your best not to neglect and immediately clean pet urine to avoid potential health issues. Plus you can also avoid financial expense because you wouldn’t have to worry of getting a new carpet or worse replacing damaged sections of your subfloor.

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