Carpet Juice Spill Removal Tips

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Have you spilled a juice on your carpet before? If yes, then you should understand how hard carpet juice spill removal is. But the good news is you can remove the stain by yourself without the help of the professionals. For that to happen, you might want to follow the instructions given below.

Fresh Juice Spill

Do your best to remove the stain from juice spill immediately, especially if it’s still new and wet as it is much easier to clean than dried juice stain.

A shopvac would get the job done, but paper towels would also work well. If shopvac isn’t available, use paper towels to soak up the juice spill from the carpet completely.

These methods work best if the juice spill is still fresh and wet.

Now, once you’re done removing the spill using a shopvac or paper towels, go ahead and pour some cold water on the stain – this helps dilute the juice.

Also, avoid pouring hot water as this won’t remove the stain, but set it to stay instead. While pouring cold water, continuously remove the diluted juice with your paper towels or shopvac.

For the best results, repeat the process until nothing is coming out of the carpet or until the juice stain is completely gone.

Cover the stained area with salt and let it sit there overnight If you notice that the stain is visible and wet. Once the area is dry, use a vacuum to clean up the salt.

The salt helps absorb the remaining color of the juice stain. If the stain is still there after the process, the following steps below may help remove the stain completely.

Stain From a Dried Spill

A dried stain is quite harder to remove. Fortunately, removing a dried stain is still possible, and this depends on the stain and carpet’s condition.

Since the acidity of juice stains ranging between 3 to 4 on the pH scale, an alkaline cleaner is the best way to remove this kind of spill. Vinegar is an excellent example of an alkaline cleaner, and it is often recommended when removing a stain from the juice.

Also, the vinegar may or may not work since similar to juice stains; it is also acidic. But there is still ammonia, which provides higher success.

If you decide to go with ammonia, start by creating the solution by mixing 8 parts of water and 1 part ammonia. Soak a white rag in the ammonia-water solution and use it to blot the stain.

Remember not to rub it, or it will damage the fibers of your carpet. Try not to pour the solution directly into the carpet. Continue blotting the stain while soaking it in the solution until no more stain is getting out.

After applying the ammonia solution and there is still a stain, mix a paste of baking soda (1 part) and water (3 parts), then use the paste to cover the juice stain and gently work it in.

Once dried, proceed and vacuum the dried baking soda and water paste to eliminate the colors that are left behind. Repeat the process until the colors are removed.

Once finished, use a cold water to rinse the area and absorb the water with paper towels or shopvac. To get the most of the cleaning solution out of the carpet, repeat numerous times.

Finally, cover and put a stack of paper towels on the area then place any object that is heavy over it. Let it dry and once dried, vacuum it thoroughly.

What if it didn’t work?

If at this point you notice that there’s still a stain, you may need to call and ask a professional’s help. They will help you remove the colors left behind on your carpet. This will allow you to avoid causing harm than good by applying home remedies.

Take note: Avoid the use of ammonia on wool carpets and oriental rugs. Don’t forget to test the solution in a small area first before applying it directly onto the stain.

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