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Having Trouble with Pets Stains in your Carpet

Pet Stains in your carpet cause by your pets are a big mess to deal with. Removing the stain and odor of it is a time consuming and require too much effort.

Sanitized, Deodorized and Satisfied!

Why did the same spots come back within just a couple of weeks?
How come they’ve spend much time in cleaning and deodorizing.But the smell still powerfully lingers?
Why did I end up paying more than what I have received as a service?

Have you experienced asking yourself those questions? Or perhaps you are still looking for answers to such kind of queries? It is now time to end having big disappointments when it comes to your carpet and upholstery cleaning service. Carpet Cleaner Fort Lauderdale got you covered!

With our specialized carpet cleaning solution. We can make your home clean and healthy for the whole family – and that includes your lovable pets! Our cleaning and drying process is designed to give carpets a deeper clean. And preserving the dye within the fibers that keeps them vibrantly bright and looking like new.

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Why Professional Cleaning Matters

There is a difference with carpet cleaning rentals and professional carpet cleaning, because with the latter you can get expert answers to any cleaning problem you might have. It means you can expect to experience and enjoy a truly cleaned and healthy home. And that is what we deliver exceptionally everyday!

As you enjoy the company of your furry friends, things can be a bit messy. However, you wouldn’t have to hold back in spending a happy day with them because our team of carpet specialist can handle it for you! We know the best cleaning strategy and methods when it comes to finding and eliminating tough-to-treat pet urine and odor removal carpet jobs.
First, we will locate the problem area(s) so we can examine the full extent of the damage. Pet urine can seep through and penetrate through the backing of your carpet so it cleaning it by yourself will undoubtedly be a difficult feat. It can also contaminate not just the carpet but the flooring as well. But with our effective all-in-one formulation that we proudly promote as a unique breakthrough solution, pet urine will be cleaned thoroughly. Plus any nasty odor from the urine, feces and wet animals can be solved and eliminated.

What should you do?

It is now time to put an end to unwanted smell. You wouldn’t have to resort in using your perfume just to mask the odor, in case the home spray couldn’t do the trick. No need to fear of any bacteria that might have left behind in your carpet. We can give you a stain-free, odor-free and clean healthy home you’ve dream about!

So when you it is about Pet Stains and Odor Removal, it only takes one solution. No need to think hard. Simply call us and expect a remarkable service we dedicatedly designed for you because every customer’s satisfaction is our top priority! Fill in a request form or send us a message. Let us know what troubles you and we’ll be there for you!

There are diverse sorts of floor coverings and depending on the sort there are the technique that are pursued to evacuate the stain on your cover. Regardless of whether it was pee recolor, dung recolor or some other kind of pet stains.


Regularly the most widely recognized creatures people live around within their homes are puppies and felines on most occasion. however it doesn’t matter whether it is prepared or not but rather one day it will give you that awful look on your cover with the stain might be it inadvertently urinated on your cover or whatever, nobody might want to live with the stain on his cover and after at some point you see that the stain produces


The following are some homemade ways which you can use to expel recolors in your cover and give it another extraordinary look.


Old puppy recolor

Materials you require

Smelling salts, void shower bottle, heated water, an iron box. The old towel and something to cover your nose and mouth



  •    Combine water and smelling salts in splash bottle plug your iron in an attachment to warm up as you are doing this.
  •    Spray the zone that you have the stain and afterward cover it with a towel
  •    Move the iron on the towel around the recolored territory
  •    Do it, again and again, relying on how old the stain is.



  •     Take some paper towel and attempt to retain the staining fluid. In the event that it is old include some little boiling water and utilize some paper towel to the fluid stain.


  •    Pour some heating soft drink over the recolored part, ensure you break expansive clusters. Preparing soft drink assimilates the dampness in your cover
  •    Make an answer of a half some hydrogen peroxide and an around three spoon teaspoonful fluid cleanser, for instance, sunrise dish fluid cleanser
  •    Pour the blend over preparing a soft drink, utilize some paper towel to scour a little for around five minutes and after that vacuum it up.


For the new feline stain, the strategy above for pooch recolor evacuation may work yet this isn’t the situation for an old stain particularly on hardwood floor model read oak

Materials required

3% hydrogen peroxide


Hair engineer

An iron box

White vinegar

Preparing soft drink

An old towel



For an old feline stain the house may be awkward due to the smell and in this manner, right off the bat, you have to deal with the smell first before the stain to give you a decent workplace.

Include around 5ml of hydrogen peroxide on the recolored part and abandon it for around 20 – 25 minutes for better dying. Utilize somewhere in the range of 40% white designer and fundamental engineer powder in additional quality

Utilize a daintily wet towel not drenched but rather wet enough to create steam when pressed. Press on the recolored spot

Expel the towel and clean the stain by the utilization of a brush to uncover the this consistently for a multi-day to achieve that extraordinary look once more. This should be possible for stain which is old as six years.

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