Does Steaming Carpets Kill Bacteria & Odor?

Does Steaming Carpets Kill Bacteria & Odor?

Carpet is one of the areas where bacteria and odor stick. And steaming is a solution. But does steaming kill bacteria & odor?

Importance of Carpet Maintenance

For some people, home design is very important. That’s why they design their homes and add up decorations. After all, designing home can brighten up your mood as well as enhance its beauty.

And one way to make over your little space is by adding up carpets. Carpets contribute a lot to your home’s appearance, style, and health. But just like other decors, carpet also needs some cleaning maintenance.

Carpets are fancy decorations we put in our house to boost and enhance its beauty. However, just like other decorations, it also requires some vacuuming and cleaning. Why? This is to remove unwanted spots, stains, odor, and bacteria-inhibiting it.

Moreover, regular cleaning of carpet can prolong its lifespan which will save you cash from buying a new one.

How to Kill Bacteria & Odor from Carpets?

Carpets can be a receptacle of allergens and bacteria which may bring disease and trigger allergic reactions. And to avoid this, clean your carpet regularly.

One of the best ways to kill bacteria and remove odor is by doing a steam clean. Steam cleaning carpets can kill germs, odor-causing bacteria, and allergens. Here is how you effectively do it.

  • Remove everything in the room – Before you do steam cleaning, move all the furniture including tables and chairs.
  • Dust the baseboards – To prevent extra dust falling on your carpet dust the corners of the room to remove the dust.
  • Vacuum the entire carpet slowly – Vacuum your carpet to remove larger debris such as hair.
  • Use stain remover to remove stains – After vacuuming, use a stain remover to remove stains in your carpet as steamers can’t remove it.
  • Fill the Steam Cleaner with hot water – Fill your steam cleaner with hot water, then add soap as per directed by the instruction. You can use vinegar as an alternative if you do not like using chemicals.
  • Start Steaming – Start steaming by the corner of the room. Walk slowly and remember to push and pull your machine as directed. And after steaming the entire carpet, let it dry completely. Most carpet must be dried for six to eight hours. You can fan it out or turn the AC to help it dry quickly.

Bacteria and allergens inhibiting in your carpet may impose danger on you and your family’s health. Disinfect your carpet regularly by steam cleaning to get rid of mites and various pathogens.

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